Experience Europe’s biggest and most effective retail meetings programme In 2023 we made retail history, facilitating 20,000+ business meetings across the industry with 94% of retailers and brands telling us the networking was good or excellent. For 2024, we’re going bigger with an expected 25,000+ meaningful meetings connecting you with decision makers that matter to your company.

Maximise your time

Meetup takes the guesswork out of networking, removing the risk of wasted minutes by providing you with a sophisticated platform to clearly define your needs and identify the perfect people with whom to meet. The outcome? Months' worth of meetings packed into three productive days.

You’re in control

Say goodbye to speculative connections, and hello to meaningful ones. With both parties required to opt-in to any given meeting, rest assured that you and the person sitting on the other side of the table are there because each of you recognises the potential of that connection to be transformative for your business.

Free with your ticket

Every single ticket to Shoptalk Europe includes complimentary access to Meetup. Plus tech providers can buy upgraded access to connect with retailer and brand tech buyers.

Proven ROI

We launched Meetup at Shoptalk Europe in May 2023 to widespread. Of the 20,000+ meetings we facilitated, 83% of all attendees having rated their networking experience as good or excellent.

I imagine 70 to 75% of our onsite conversations will continue post event Sophie Prediger, Lead - Event Marketing, EMEA, Bloomreach
There were hundreds of tables where partners met potential customers and clients and our people learnt a lot Frans Muller, CEO, Ahold Delhaize
The 1-2-1’s I had were spot on in terms of matches Juan Civeira, Senior Director Digital Technology, Adidas
I've had relationships come out of every one of the twelve Meetups I've had this year. Every one has a follow-up. Adam Southam, CEO & Founder, GoNo Food Finder
There were hundreds of tables where partners met potential customers and clients. It was very valuable. Frans Muller, CEO, Ahold Delhaize

Why participate in Meetup? With Meetup, you’ll have access to efficient networking and collaboration across every use case:

Meet new partners and target prospects

Connect with existing clients and peers

Buy, sell and discover products, services and solutions

Uncover the newest and hottest startups

Launch products, make announcements and share news

Participate in media and analyst interviews

Fund startups

Raise capital

Reach out to potential acquirers or acquisition targets

Recruit and hire or find a job

Have another business need? You can do that too

Meet industry's leading media

Shoptalk Meetup

How does Meetup's pre-event process work?

Four weeks before Shoptalk Europe starts, we’ll reach out to guide you step-by-step through a simple process to participate in Meetup:

  • Step 1: Profile Completion. Complete your profile, letting all participants know about you, your organisation and your goals.
  • Step 2: Meeting Selection & Opt-In. Review thousands of profiles and select who you want to meet with–use filters, lists and searches to make it easy. Thousands of other attendees will be doing the same. Then opt-in to the meeting requests you receive.
  • Step 3: Meeting Acceptance & Scheduling. After you review and accept your meetings, we’ll automatically schedule them and send you calendar invites.

Then, simply join your meetings onsite. And remember, all meetings are double opt-in, guaranteeing you'll only meet people you want to meet who also want to meet you.


The Meetup schedule

Monday, June 3rd
1:45pm-2:55pm CEST

Tuesday, June 4th 10:45am-11:55am CEST
2:55pm-4:05pm CEST

Wednesday, June 5th
11:55am-1:05pm CEST